Tuesday, July 25, 2006

And then, there was one.

Maddie loves fish. Everytime we would go to the store or someplace that had an aquarium, we would show Maddie the fish. She is always so amused by them. Being the good parents that we are, we decided to buy Maddie some fish. We only wanted a little fish bowl that could go in her room for her to enjoy.
Matthew went to the store and came home with the supplies we needed, the bowl, rocks, food and two goldfish. After letting them adjust to the water, we removed them from the bag, and put them in their new home. Our next task was to name these new pets. We decided on names from a morning television program Maddie loves, but as I was assigning them names, I noticed something amiss....One of the fish had only one eye. I was surprised that Matthew hadn't given them more than a once over, but I accepted the one eyed fish just the same.
So now Maddie had her first pets, Tyrone and Pablo. We were doing fine with them and feeding them, cleaning the bowl and giving them plenty of attention.
Of course, as goldfish go, one started to not look so well. Matthew told me that Tyrone was not doing well, but I said he was fine and thought he might just be tired. Well, sure enough Tyrone died today. I thought he was just resting at the bottom of the bowl on the rocks ( I thought they floated to the top when they were dead). Matthew scooped him out and took him straight to the bathroom. He is now resting where all good fish go sometime or another.
And don't worry about Maddie's reaction, she was napping. I am sure we will go through many goldfish in her life. It's just another wonderful step we are taking in life as parents.

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