Monday, August 27, 2007

And we are an Officer's family now....

We have had a whirlwind month! The start of August brought all the Millers and their families to Galveston for a long awaited family vacation. The Millers have been known to do some crazy things such as start controlled fires, have minor explosions and go for days on little to no sleep. Just as it sounds, we felt we needed a vacation after our vacation. The house we rented was gorgeous, the food we ate was delicious and the company we kept was hilarious!
Some pics from the family vacation in Galveston:

We followed up hosting the Miller's in Galveston with hosting Matthew's commissioning and graduation gatherings. We had a wonderful time at Moody Mansion for the commissioning. Matthew was promoted to officer surrounded by our family and closest friends. Maddie was just as precious as she could be in her sailor outfit to match Daddy. The day after commissioning, Matthew graduated from Texas A&M Galveston with a Bachelor's Degree in Maritime Administration. He graduated with the top GPA in his class and with Magna Cum Laude. I'm so proud to pass on the pics from these two events.

Only a couple of days after the graduation and commissioning ceremonies we were jet setting to Colorado for a family vacation with Matthew's family. For those of you that don't have children or have never flown with children I can't tell you the evils of traveling with a young child. A two hour flight can go on for eternity when you have a fiesty toddler to deal with. I will give some words of advice....DO NOT: bring a big car seat on the plane. We thought we were being great parents by making sure we had Maddie's car seat and having her locked in. All was fine until the people in the row in front of us laid their seat back. Maddie completely freaked out because the persons seat was in her face since we had her so dutifully locked into her large Britax car seat. I mean seriously though, the man in front was already sitting in bulkhead and had plenty of room, why the heck lay the seat ALL the way back?! DO NOT: count on the little angel going to sleep, eating, drinking, playing or watching a movie. I don't know whose child we brought on the plane, but I know it was not ours. As soon as the cabin door closed our usually passive, playful Madeleine started going nuts! After finally arriving in Denver we had a 45 minute wait at the rental car place, and then a two hour drive. By the time we finally arrived Maddie was tired, but Matthew and I were EXHAUSTED! The week was rainy and chilly and we got to finish off the week with a two hour drive to the airport where Maddie vomitted in the middle of the mountains everywhere in her car seat, hair, clothes, blanket, and back seat. I have included a few pics from this vacation at the continental divide and some back road trail with a beautiful waterfall.

Our summer comes to a close, finally....It's been so busy the last month and we only have a couple of months for down time before we make the move to South Carolina. I will keep you all posted up to the move!

Hugs and Kisses!