Monday, May 21, 2007

The Princess Reigns

So much to share with everyone these days! Maddie has been walking since about three weeks after her birthday, so she's got that down pretty well now. Here she is walking around at the Farmer's exhibit at the children's museum in Houston.

These days she seems to be growing like a weed. Her legs are longer, teeth keep popping into that mouth like popcorn, and her hair is even long enough for pigtails!!!

She has begun to use her words now and seems to come out with something cute everyday. She has added the word "baby" along with several animal sounds and the color red to her vocabulary. She has even begun to sing to her baby doll (which she has 4 of). During nap time I usually sing "Rock-A-By-Baby" and now Maddie has begun to sing her own version to her baby and it's something like "By Babeeeeeee", it really is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

For those of you that see Madeleine regularly, you know she usually has something new that she comes up with as a theme for the week. For example, one week she would open her mouth and make an "OOOOHHHHH" face at almost anything, another week she would give a big smile and scrunch her nose while closing her eyes at everything. Well, we now have moved on to the obsession with the BUTTON, the BELLYBUTTON! She will at every opportunity pull up her shirt or dress and jam her index finger into hers and then procede to pull up your shirt and jam her finger into yours as well. What makes it even cuter is that she knows what it is. When we ask to see her button, she gets right to it.

She has also taken to riding her school bus. We find that she usually resembles a drunken bus driver though, because rather than turn around she would prefer to ram the furniture- hoping I guess that it will get out of her way (after all she is the boss around here).

Maddie is still interested in her potty and doing well when we get her to the potty on a regular basis. Parenthood has really gotten to be quite comical and we enjoy having our little loony tune to entertain us, although we would like to be able to mute her or turn her off at least sometime.

We hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the latest blog update and pics! We love you and will keep everyone in the loop as best we can. It is hard to find time to just sit and write now that Maddie is on the move and her little paws are into EVERYTHING!