Monday, August 21, 2006

From the Beach to the 'Stros game...Maddie our world traveler

At 5 months old, we decided Maddie was old enough to take her first trip to the beach. It was so fun and she loved the water to splash over her feet and feel the nice breeze off the bay. She wriggled her toes in the sand and enjoyed a new texture to learn.

We are sad to say that our season tickets to the Astros are almost over, but we have enjoyed taking family outings weekly to watch the 'Stros give it a go at another great season...Sadly it doesn't look too promising. We have included some pics from our last outing to the baseball game.

Maddie has cut her second tooth now and we are experiencing all the joys of parenthood with a teething infant. She sleeps much less and whines much more, but she's still our chubby cheek sunshine most of the time.

She is growing so fast and seems to be making new milestones each week. We send our love to everyone and hope to catch up more soon.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Maddie loves to put things in her mouth, as all children do. Her favorite thing to munch on is my finger. This afternoon we were rocking and singing when she reached for my finger. I had just washed my hands so I let her chew on it. I felt a sharp pain on my finger and assumed it was her fingernail since she usually has a death grip on it. Just then I remembered I cut her nails only yesterday and decided to look in her mouth. Yes, it's confirmed, Maddie has cut her first tooth!!! I am so excited for her. I am not sure why I feel so glad about it, especially because I am still nursing. It's truly amazing to watch her grow and learn. I am so glad to have so many people to share her life with. We took some recent pictures yesterday and I will post some here too.