Saturday, February 10, 2007

Back by Popular Demand

I know it's been about FOREVER since the last post, but life is busy. Rarely is there time these days to stop and type, upload pics and all while watching a most active child. Now that I've waited so long there is much to update.

We started out the month celebrating Great Grandmother Peggy's birthday. We had all four generations in town for the birthday dinner at Gaido's.

Maddie spent time this month with Daddy's family, too! Grandpa Ron was trying out for American Idol with Maddie's toys. Grandma Rita read to Maddie and showed her pictures of Aunt Mickey and Daddy when they were little people. Maddie also had big fun at Grandma and Grandpa's with the Mickey toy.

We had big fun at the beach before the cold rolled in.

Our little princess has really learned how to work the room with this new pouty lip she has.

We are still enjoying the bubble bath time!

Maddie was as sweet as could be in her strawberry sweater!

We had lots of visitors to the house this month, too! Aunt Mickey came to visit and brought Riley, the dog. Then my friend Paige visited with her twin boys. It was fun to see how Maddie reacted and played with the boys.

During a trip to the Woodlands, Maddie went to work with Mommy at Granny's office. She had no problem taking the entire office apart in under 5 minutes.

Maddie's newest adventure was to the Mardi Gras parade here on the island. It was lots of fun for all of us. Maddie had so very much fun that she asleep before we could finish the 6 block walk back to our house!

Maddie is taking bottles now and is almost completely weaned to whole milk and I have found freedom I haven't known in a whole year. I can't tell you how wonderful a whole shopping trip without baby can be. I actually tried on clothes, ate a meal and walked around for hours without worry of nursing, changing diapers, catching toys being thrown from the stroller or cheerios being flung around stores! Don't get me wrong, she is wonderful and I do love every bit of her. There is something wonderful to be said though about a whole day where Daddy and Maddie bonded.
We are excited about Maddie's birthday coming next month. Who would have guessed a whole year would go so quickly? Maddie is standing and cruising the furniture with a few steps here and there. Believe me though we are NOT trying to get her up and running....It's hard enough to keep up with her when she's scootin' on her knees.
We send our love to everyone and hope all is well. I'll try to get another update up and out before her birthday.

Hugs & Kisses!