Monday, June 09, 2008

Better get you updated....

There has been so VERY MANY changes since the last post. Mainly, we now reside in Florida. I will get to that after I backtrack a moment to share with you our life prior to the move. I decided that Madeleine needed some summertime interaction since school was out and most music and the like classes take a hiatus for the summer. Most of you know that my Maddie does love music. I thought hard about what we could do involving music to meet some friends and enjoy an outing each week. I chose dance class for her. This apparently was the incorrect choice. I thought that upon signing up for the class that 2 years old meant just that. On the first class I learned that Maddie who was 2 (by only two weeks) would be the youngest by about 6 or 7 MONTHS! Madeleine seemed years off these girls who did not cling to their mommies or cry the entire 45 minute class. I felt like I should help her participate by doing all the prancing around and toe pointing as I carried her the entire time. I thought, "why does she have on the leotard, tights, and ballet shoes, when I'm doing all the dancing?" That would've been enough for the regular mom, but not me, oh no, I needed to try again and again. My mom and her infinite mom wisdom said, "Maybe she's not into ballet". My very quick response was that $150.00 for lessons and $75.00 for the leotard, shoes, and tights meant she would be into ballet for 6 six weeks, like it or not! I've included a pic of how darn cute she looked before class. I would love to have been able to include ones of her actually at class, but I was quite busy dancing with a toddler on my hip.

Now, onto that small detail of us being in another state from the last time we met here. The Navy or rather the government never has moved so fast. Soon after the last post, Matthew put in a package to make a lateral transfer from the submarine/nuke community to the aviation community. We were given orders a week later and needed to move two weeks after that. We had tons to do in such a short time, but we have made it through fairly unharmed. Since we had to move so quickly it was hard to find a place that we could move right into. We ended up staying at the Navy Lodge on the base here and then took a weekend trip to New Orleans. New Orleans was a great time for all of us. Madeleine really enjoyed all the excitement of Bourbon Street. She got some "fairy dust" from a street performer that she was totally enthralled with. We also took Maddie to her first trip for beignets at Cafe du Monde. If you have never visited the Audobon Zoo, that is a trip worth making. The zoo sits on the beautiful Garden district side of New Orleans. The drive down St. Charles to the zoo alone is worth it. The zoo is abosolutley beautiful and back in full order since the hurricane.

We were able to return from New Orleans to come to our new home in Pensacola. The beaches are beautiful here, truly white sand and blue/green waters. If the weather weren't so "surface of the sun hot" here, it would be quite possibly the most perfect place to live. We are loving our house here and we're excited to share some pics with you.

Matthew and I have often talked about having a garden so we've decided to give it a go. We have some veggies, herbs and a few flowers. We worked really hard to change some totally random boxes spread through the yard into a nice centralized garden. I personally don't think I've ever put that much work and sweat into something (no not even childbirth).

Next week Madeleine and I are off to Disneyworld and I'll be sure to share new pictures when we get home.