Sunday, July 06, 2008

When in Florida...

I think it might be a requirement to visit DisneyWorld when you live in Florida. Thankfully, my mom's family had already planned a trip before we even moved. It was fun, it was real, it was real fun and HOT! I, of course, had a book and planned all the fun down to the minute. Madeleine was great the whole trip. She stayed with her normal schedule and it made for an easy time on all of us. There was of course things I missed out on, but when you have a child its those small sacrifices you make (SPACE MOUNTAIN)! I won't bore you with all the crazy details, just enjoy the pics.

The family had matching shirts we wore to Magic Kingdom.

Maddie Met the MICE!This mouse, Maddie did not move
This mouse moved, she didn't like it so much

The Pooh Store was great fun

You don't have to go all the way to Disney for a petting zoo, but Maddie loves goats and the Animal Kingdom provided her with some.

Something else Mad loves, Uncle Ricky!

July 4th made for a great weekend. We enjoyed the city's festivities with some new friends Leslie, Eric, baby Aiden, and Ethan. Ethan and Madeleine played together like they'd been life long friends.

As most of you know, it is my dream to someday own a cupcake bakery. I'm always in the kitchen baking some kind of goody. Lately I have been lucky enough to have my protege in the kitchen assisting me. I had to share these pics, because they're just so darn cute.

We are getting settled quite nicely now and have found that we absolutely love this place. The beaches are wonderful and life moves in a pretty laid back way around here. We are excited that we will be having an "adult's only" weekend in New Orleans to celebrate the 30th birthday of a certain husband of mine. It should be a great weekend as my older sister is having an "O" birthday of her own (40)! I'll be sure to update with some pics -if we are able to show any when we get home.

Have a great July!