Sunday, March 25, 2007

So much for "no gifts, please"!

Madeleine's birthday was perfect, (just as any other event I plan goes). All of our family and friends were there to celebrate with us. It just doesn't seem possible that a year has already passed. We are so blessed to have been surrounded by so many people to share Maddie's big day with! I would also like to state and once again thank all the guests for wearing pink! It was so fun to see everyone- even Paw Paw and Uncle Joe!

Maddie with Grandma & Grandpa

Maddie with Granny & Pop Seab

Great Grandmother & PawPaw with the birthday girl!

Madeleine enjoyed seeing that everyone was there for her - she thinks everyplace we go people are only there for her anyway, so it was nice. Maddie was slighty timid about the cake thing at first, but after just one taste, she was sold. I know it will be hard for some of you to believe since each day I make sure she has her veggie, fruit and milk servings right on, but I did let her eat her entire cake! AND as for the title of this little blurb on Maddie's life, she received more gifts than the marines get for their toys for tots drive! We had in mind that we would have people just donate to her college fund instead of giving gifts, but our guests had other plans. Not only did everyone contribute to the college fund, but they also gave her money!

Chillin' with Aunt Mickey & Adam

We videoed most of the day, so I only have a few pictures to share for now, but my mom has some more I will add later. I just had to get this silly thing up and going for all those who weren't able to be at her party.

Maddie taking after her mom with the cleaning up and keepin' it tidy

Maddie is doing well these days. She has stayed pretty petite for her age. As of her last checkup this week, she is 20 lbs and 29.5 in. She has started to walk some around the house. She takes about 5 to 10 steps and then goes back to the sure-thing and crawls. She has really started to love the dogs now and play with them. She says a few words like dog, bird, this or as she says "dis" with her little crooked finger pointing at things. Yes, it's sad, but we have moved from the baby stage to the child stage now. We have a little person with her own ideas, agenda, and attitude. It has been a great ride so far and we can wait to see what her little life has in store for the future, yes we are so blessed!