Monday, July 10, 2006

So now we're on the bandwagon, too!!!

Matthew is correct that not everyone has a blog, but it sure seems like it. We plan to keep up with this every week or two, making it easier for friends and family to be involved in Maddie's life as she grows. Anyone with a small child knows that it is nearly impossible to keep every person in your life up to date with the latest bits of your life. This will be our best attempt at keeping people "in the loop".

This week has brought us to the wonderful experience of infant teething. There is no white caps to be seen, but with all the drooling, chewing on everything in site, and fussiness of our normally perfect baby, we know that teeth are in her near future.....Or atleast we hope.

We have been spending our days trying to teach Madeleine everything under the sun. It's amazing to think how much a person learns in a lifetime, to talk, to walk, to smile, to love. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed at this huge task in front of me to raise an intelligent, productive member of society. As of yet, she had managed to conquer the art of smiling, babbling, and rolling over.

Next weekend we are having Maddie christened, or as well tell her, we are going to "get her some God". We will update then and put some new pics from the blessed event.

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