Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Maddie got some God

Maddie's christening was so beautiful. It was wonderful to see how many people love and care about our family. We must have filled up half the church for just our family. There was 5 babies being baptized at the same time and each only had around 5 to 10 guests, our family and friends numbered about 30 people. I can't thank everyone enough for being involved in Maddie's special day.

The baptism took place at 1 o'clock, which is prime nap time for miss thing, so she was of course, none too happy. Just as she would drift to sleep on my chest, the deacon had another anointing of some type. We made it through and Maddie got her God. Besides, my friend Traci told me that it is customary in the Caribbean for children to cry during the baptism. Apparently, if a child does not cry, it is believed that the baptism "did not take". So, Maddie cried and let all the evil out.

We had a wonderful reception following the baptism for all the friends and family to eat and be together. At the reception Madeleine finally got to meet her long distance boyfriend Tommy. He's almost 8 months old, but Maddie likes her older man. From the pictures you can see Tommy smiling at her. We know it's a little young to start them, but we just know they'll be life long pals.

Madeleine is waking up from her nap, so that's about all the time I have for this entry.

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