Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Its been too long, I know!

We've been so busy that I've neglected an update for far too long!!! July was busy with a trip to our family's lakehouse for the the July 4th celebration. Matthew and I attended wedding and Madeleine got to stay with Nanny Chelsea the following weekend in Dallas. August has flown by with a trip home to Texas so Granny could hang with Madeleine while I jetsetted to San Francisco with Rita and Michelle for a girls weekend full of relaxing, shopping, Ghirardelli goodies and even a trip to In and Out Burger in a Mazarati. I then flew to New Orleans to meet my loving husband and siblings for a BIG O birthday on Bourbon Street. I've welcomed 30 now and I'm feeling great about it. After returning from New Orleans, Madeleine started preschool. We're into week 2 now and she's starting to adjust. This post is short, but enjoy the pics and I promise to be better with my updates.

July 4th weekend:

Our trip to the Braum's Farm that we took with some friends from Matthew's Squadron:

Grandma and Papa came into town with Aunt Mickey and we enjoyed a baseball game together:

My girl at play:


Madeleine is smart- Popsicles make her hands cold, so she wears mittens!

Ice Cream Social Goodies at our house (notice Madeleine's excited face below the counter):

Not the first day, not even the first week of school, but I wanted to get one that actually showed her smiling- not crying hysterically.

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