Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting Settled

Easter was our first weekend in our new house. We only had our new bedroom furniture we had purchased so the house looks pretty empty. Madeleine was so excited that the Easter Bunny was able to find our new house.

We've had so much fun moving in. It was great to be carried over the threshold after waiting 7 years.

We have discovered a wonderful place known as Braums. Their ice cream is great and we try to go once a week for a treat.

We found this enormous mailbox at Lowe's and thought it would be just the right size to mail Maddie to her grandparents when she starts one of her tantrums. She thought it was a great idea and climbed into the mailbox on the shelf at Lowe's. We noticed a couple behind us that nearly died of laughter watching us stuff our child into a mailbox and take pictures of the event.

We have also visited the zoo here in OKC and the gorillas seemed to enjoy Madeleine.

Chelsea and Stacy came for a visit the past weekend. It was a great time! We took them downtown to the Art Festival and Botanical Gardens. Then Matthew watched Madeleine while I went out with Stacy and Chelsea for a night on the town.

I promise to post some pics of the house in the next couple of weeks when we get all the finishing touches done.


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