Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

So sorry this post took so long to get out. We have been so busy. We're all in school now and Matthew is studying more than there are hours in the day. I've been trying to keep everything together with school for Maddie and I, keeping the house in some kind of order, making sure everyone has something to eat daily, and making sure we are clothed in clean clothes. It's ALOT to do all by myself. AND did I mention I'm hosting book club in two weeks and running a 5k on Saturday??? So here it is, the update you've all been anticipating......

Madeleine had her first REAL haircut at a salon out in town. She loved every minute of it. As many of you know, I'm not crazy about it, but I like Maddie to have her food groups and extras are just that. When we got her haircut they offer suckers to keep the kids busy. Do you know that my child of 21 months has never even experienced a sucker-EVER. Needless to say, she was in salon heaven.

We are feeling a lot more comfortable in our new home now. We hosted a party on Christmas Eve for our neighbors and new friends that turned into being the hit of the block. Madeleine enjoyed showing off her playroom and new storytime movie projector. As you can see, Maddie's favorite part of the season was sneaking into the cookies.

This year was so much fun! Madeleine loved opening her gifts and helping us to open ours. Santa brought Maddie a car and he just happened to save enough room on his sleigh to bring Granny. Granny stayed for a nice visit and spoil us a little.


Maddie's giving some love to her fave ornament

"MOMMY you kiss the doggie too!"

Madeleine is doing very well with her potty training and has been telling us " I poo-poo" to gain admittance into the bathroom. She is funny in that she says poo-poo for both number 1 and number 2. She also has learned that saying "I poo-poo" puts off going to bed atleast five or so minutes.

I know the saying goes "big girls don't cry", but such is not true. Madeleine went to school for the first time today. She was very big and went about meeting new the kids in her class and playing with toys, barely pausing as I kissed her goodbye. It was me, the big girl, that cried the night before and teared up as I closed the door to her classroom. The teachers said she did wonderfully and even pottied at school. It does sound quite ridiculous that I was so upset by the fact she stays at school for a mere 3 hours a day. I have included some pics of my little cupcake as she brushed her teeth before school.

I took some random pics of Maddie in the park behind our house and getting ready to go out for the day. You'll notice the chapstick application is a must. She absolutley insists on her lip gloss before exiting the house or car. I think she takes after me too much sometimes.

These were taken in the afternoon I was teaching Madeleine some of my domestic diva skills. We made Rice Krispies Treats. We had tons of fun making a mess with marshmellows and Krispies everywhere!

The new year promises to be full and terribly busy. I am excited about returning to school in just a week now that Madeleine seems to be getting settled into her new schedule. We send big hugs and kisses and wishes for a blessed year ahead.

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