Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer's in Full Swing

Sorry no updates for over a month!!! It's been really busy around here. As most of you know, Matthew's graduation and commissioning is coming up quickly. He has been busy keeping his grades up and holding down the fort while I run around like a chicken with my head cut off. I have been busy playing event planner for Matthew's festivities, my cousins wedding, and the ever popular Madeleine.

Yes, we've been busy and Madeleine seems to just roll right along with us. She has managed to fill her days with playgroup on Tuesday, library storytime on Wednesday, and usually a playdate on Fridays.
One of our playdates with our friend Tommy, who visited from Colorado:
This picture is so sweet, but there is a story with it...Tommy had just shoved Maddie, so this is him giving her a "nice touch" TOO CUTE!

Our family will be vacationing to Colorado following Matthew's graduation and we're hoping that our dearest toddler can behave well enough on the flight that we don't get kicked off- pray for us!

We are including some pictures we've taken over the past month and a half. You'll see how much Madeleine is growing and at times, how tired we look.

It's a rule to wear "ears" during storytime in Maddie's room:

She can often be found in fairy wings or a tutu with her glitter shoes. She just comes out of her room with the items and whines until we dress her in whatever fantasy outfit she wants that day:

It's been pretty hot, but sometimes we make a park:

We have a child who LOVES lima beans. She will eat an entire can, if we'd let her!

Another sweet dress up picture....Granny brought her back this from DisneyWorld. The gloves were too big, but Madeleine loved them. We thought it was just too hysterical.

We hope this month's blog finds everyone doing well. We will update again following our Miller family vacation in a couple of weeks!!!

Hugs and Kisses!

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