Monday, April 02, 2007

Always a new adventure!

It's always something when you have a toddler.... Madeleine was given a toilet for Christmas. It's not just any toilet, oh no, its some super duper happy toddler toilet. It sings, it lights up, it cheers. Madeleine has loved the silly thing since we got it. We decided a few weeks ago to begin sitting her on the toilet when she woke up each morning. Every morning like clockwork, the child goes to the potty and actually GOES! She has done this from day one. Last week we heard her having the urge to go #2 , so we took her to the potty just to see what would happen and the child went without a thought in the potty. Just this morning after waking up and going to the potty, I needed to go to the restroom myself. As always, I took Maddie into the restroom and sat her on the floor with her bathtub basket of toys. As I was finished, Maddie went over to her potty and lifted the lid. I asked if she needed to potty and I took her diaper off and sat her. She immediately did her business and proceeded to clap for herself as her potty yelled " You did it! Now get the toilet paper" and began to sing the toilet paper song. I think the child is a prodigy now solely for the fact she is potty training herself before she can walk or talk!

She looks so darn cute reading her magazine while on the toilet I had to include a few pics.

The next adventure we undertook this past week was taking pictures in the wildflowers. There is a story of my grandparents trying to get some pictures of me in the wildflowers when I was a small child. I threw a huge fit and cried and hated every minute of it. As karma goes, my child decided she hated wildflowers and would hang her head everytime I'd sit her on the blanket to get a few pictures. Some of the pictures did, however, come out pretty darn cute and we'd thought we'd share them.

So in conclusion, we ask that all of you pray for us and especially for me and my sanity as my
baby turns into a toddler with her own thoughts and opinions on life.

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